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Ghost by Read-the-Wind Ghost :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 8 1 Succulents by Read-the-Wind Succulents :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 4 0 Susie and Lindsey by Read-the-Wind Susie and Lindsey :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 1 0 Aesthetic Painting by Read-the-Wind Aesthetic Painting :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 3 0 Meme Queen by Read-the-Wind Meme Queen :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 0 Meme Dream by Read-the-Wind Meme Dream :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 0 The Evergreen State College GRRL GANG Sticker by Read-the-Wind The Evergreen State College GRRL GANG Sticker :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 1 0 Self-therapy by Read-the-Wind Self-therapy :iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 3 0
You breathe "I love you's" into my ear
It's hot and heavy like all of my fears
Those three words that I need
Said only when you're inside me
And when you're out, there's nothing left
I may as well have been born deaf
That simple line is lost in space
Like smoke dispersing from this place
Here I've become your pleasure tool
I know deep down I'm being fooled
But if it brings me close to you
There's nothing that I'd rather do
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 0
I want to write a song with you
I want to write a song with you
I want to feel your touch
Through the notes you play for me
I want to feel the rush
Captivate me with your voice
As you've always done
I want to hear the music in your heart
Tell me I'm the one
I want to write a song with you
That we both feel inside
Transport us far away once more
A new and wild ride
Take my hand and hold it tight
As you used to do
Let the lyrics speak for us
I'm becoming new
I want to write a song with you
Please just give me time
I'll be as whole as the chords we produce
Full of roars and chimes
Give me all your love in lyrics
As you've always known
All we need is rhythm now
To find our way back home
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 0
Burnt Body
Driven by dread: Bright flames and a burning body
Is this what you have imagined for so long?
Feel nothing for there is nothing
Empty words fill my swan song
Seared skin like tar and ebony now
Cracked and smoldering by flame
Your apathy got the best of me
But I'm the one you blame
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 0
Setting Everything Back Into Place
I'm the doctor and I don't know what I'm doing
I'm the surgeon and the parts just aren't moving
I called the ambulance and it never came
I'll trade my own body so things could be the same
The most comforting thought rests deep in my head
With either outcome, I'll likely end up dead
So let me decide which way I want to go
My obsessive love for you is all that I know
Please take it all: My bones, my flesh, my humors
Discard the rest: My pain, my demons, my tumors
I'll give all of me to mend all of you
Ever string of this fractured heart sings true
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 0
You say this is love but it feels like obsession
I'm holding your heart forced in my possession
You make it hard to contain when it's already frail
Or maybe perhaps I'm being set up to fail
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 1 0
The Vessel
The weight bears heavier than the sea
Pulling on all the cords of being me
Where I had been blind, this vessel filled up
Every second a drip, every moment a drop
And now it sits upon my shoulders
I can not stop it from spilling over
All I hope is that it can stand to contain
At least enough for our time frame
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 2 0
This bitterness makes it hard to breathe
My blood boils and I bare my teeth
All in all, it's a lost connection
You're too far gone for my protection
I don't know where this anger breeds
But when it sprouts, it grows like weeds
And then I've lain waste to all that you've known
I don't bother to hide since my cover's been blown
Once I thought 'all is fair in love and war'
But now curse those words that I had sworn
There is no love, no reason, no rhyme
To take back all of this bitter time
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 3
Infinite Loop
I am an infinite loop
The wolf chasing the moon
Silver and white
Lonely too
Forever following the moon
I'll keep on going
But I'll crash soon
A few seconds are forever
It's all relative
And I will crash relatively soon
Trapped in an infinite loop
A leg in an iron jaw
Red and white
Lonely too
Forever calling for the moon
:iconread-the-wind:Read-the-Wind 0 1


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